Eco Sponge

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Eco Sponge

Not a fan. There is no give to this, it is too stiff and not flexible and it doesn't foam up with the dish soap. I much prefer the mini loofah for dishes and scrubbing! It is fantastic!!
All being said, The Kind Matter Company is one of my favourite places to shop which is good because I hate shopping.

Kim Kusz

Staff are very knowledgeable about the products they sell.

Eco sponge

I've been on the hunt for a good eco sponge and have definitely tried a few. I was hopeful that this would be the one. Unfortunately it is not for me. The pros are, it's eco friendly and has an 'abrasive' side for scrubbing. However I'm not a fan of how it feels when wet. It's kind of like a wet scrunched towel. I prefer more lather, imho. I also wish it had more flexibility, but it's ok. Not terrible, but also not a winner.

N. Kelly
Eco scrub pad

I find it too thick ~ I like the texture of the "scrubby" side, but find it awkward to bend/manipulate to wash around plate, mug, pot EDGES for eg. Plus It take a long time to dry.
(I regularly soak it over night in vinegar + water to keep it sanitary).
(I'd prefer a single layer hemp or natural fibre "scrub pad" but am still a fan of your shop!!!)

Atika Ahmed
I really wanted to love this

I really wanted to love this sponge but it was quite disappointing. Its thick and not so ergonomic to hold and work with. Really difficult to wash anything except pots with this. And even then it doesn't really lather very well so I feel like I'm wasting a lot of dishwashers liquid