Bamboo Paddle Hairbrush

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This is a gift!

An environmentally friendly hairbrush made out of wood, with no animal hair!

The BKIND hairbrush has large wooden bristles which help to naturally condition your hair and evenly distribute your hair’s natural oils. They are gentle, durable and since they are wide they are less likely to break the hair while combing. Unlike synthetic bristles they will produce little to no static!

Wooden bristles feel like little massaging fingers on your scalp and will help increase circulation on your scalp, bringing nutrients to the hair follicles.

Customer Reviews

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Sonia B.
Bamboo Paddle Hairbrush

Fantastic Brush! Can’t say enough good things about this brush. Does as good a job or better than the Dyson Flyaway Attachment.

Zena Reynolds



I have been interested in a bamboo brush for a while so I was excited when I could get this in store. This product has really made a positive impact on my life. Since using it, it has helped spread the oils in my hair from my scalp and I only have to wash my hair every other day now. I am very satisfied with this product and highly recommend it if anyone is on the fence about it!

Amanda G
Glad I bought it!

I have thick hair that is prone to tangles and this brush is really kind! Glad I bought it! I wish they made a round brush.

Amanda H
Bamboo Paddle Hairbrush

I can compare this brush to a wet brush brand. I have very thick curly hair. I no longer have to use a wet brush or comb to brush my hair out of the shower. This brush goes through my hair with little effort and leaves my hair tangle free.