Reusable Black Hemp Facial Rounds

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Replace your disposable cotton balls and cotton pads with these premium hemp & organic cotton facial rounds. These luxurious cloths are perfect for removing make-up, applying toner and washing/exfoliating your face.


Handmade in Peterborough ON

Care: rounds are not pre-washed so to fluff up the fibres and reach max absorbency, wash 2-3 times before use. Machine wash warm. Tumble dry or hang to dry. Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets as these can decrease absorbency.

Contains 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton

Customer Reviews

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Reusable black hemp rounds

I found it took more than 3/4 washings for the hemp cloth to stop leaving bits of fluff in the wash/rinse.
Other than that I found them great for removing makeup. Very soft on the face. I took black because white shows all the dirt/harder to keep clean. Are they dyed black?

Sabrina Rupolo
I love these!

I love that these are black so they don’t stain with makeup. They’re so soft and become even softer when you wash them. They’re a good size and so gentle for eye makeup removal. I’m happy to spare the earth tones of makeup pads as well. Thanks!

Andy Fern
Black Facial Rohnds

These are great for using with toner or as a make-up remover pad. I have the white and the black. White is a little softer, this one is a little more abrasive.


something as small as facial rounds can be a good start towards sustainability. excellent product - will definitely need to purchase another pack so that i wont have to wash them as often.

Black Hemp Facial Rounds-where have you been all my life

These rounds are part of my daily facial regime. I’m so happy to be saving the planet while having glowing skin! They are soft, clean well and I highly recommend!