About Us

I spent my childhood outdoors; I can still feel the sun on my face as I ran up and down the sandy beach barefoot. It was a time in which the norm was to spend the day in its entirety outside enjoying the wonders that Mother Nature has to offer. Looking back, I am certain that these times of freeness allowed me to explore my creativity and ultimately led me to share my view of the world through painting. I paint with my soul and use my hands as an extension of my heart. I see now in my paintings how I saw the world as a child; freeing, soulful and so full of possibilities.


Years of painting and the openness that brings led me to move through each day with more intention and set me on my path of sustainable living. I was drawn to a more minimalist lifestyle, truly seeing the value of being instead of having. Through this self-reflection I realized the positive impact I could have on the health of my family and the health of our planet just by being more mindful.


Through my low-waste journey, I became aware that being mindful of how an item arrives in our home is just as important as what we are choosing to bring in to our sacred spaces. It’s not enough to source products with a clean ingredient list; we need to go deeper. What is the packaging that carries these items and what is its impact on the earth? How far do these products have to travel to arrive in our homes and how are the people who make them treated? I wanted to feel good about the items I chose for my family and I wanted to ensure I wasn't doing harm to our precious earth.


My passion to do better by our planet set my path to create a space for my community to come, not only to source items that support a low-waste lifestyle but where they would be introduced to talented local makers creating beautiful eco-friendly items. It is important for me to shine a light on Canadian-made goods and the brilliant people behind them.


The Kind Matter Company has evolved quickly into more than just a place to shop. Our little stores hold space for people to explore their own role in the well-being of our planet, encourages a safe place to ask questions, share ideas, and work collectively for a better future.