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Upgrade Your Daily Routine With Our 3 Mushroom Blend of Mushroom Extracts With a Therapeutic Dose of Turkey Tail + Cordyceps + Lion's Mane Medicinal Mushrooms

Featuring organic certified therapeutic potency from our Turkey Tail 12:1 Extract + Cordyceps Militaris 8:1 Extract + Lion’s Mane 8:1 Dual Extract, the 3 Mushroom Blend was created to help you start your day with healthy intentions.

Adding 1/2 teaspoon (1000mg) of this premium mushroom extract blend to your morning smoothies, teas, coffees, oatmeal, chia pudding, or yogurt will help to support your immune system, energy levels, and brain function as you prepare to slay the day.

We make the 3 Mushroom Blend from equal amounts of our three most popular medicinal mushrooms to bring you the convenience of their combined benefits in one small serving that has become an every morning non-negotiable for many of our loyal customers.

Experience an all-natural energy and brain boost without any caffeine. We can't think of a better way to optimize the potential for an awesome day!


  • THE MOMENT - If your morning routine needs an upgrade from caffeine and good intentions, this is the moment for a 3 mushroom awakening that supports mental agility, energy levels, and immune system function!
  • WHOLE FRUITING BODY - Turkey Tail 12:1 Extract + Cordyceps Militaris 8:1 Extract + Lion’s Mane 8:1 Dual Extract (no grains or growing substrate)
  • THERAPEUTIC POTENCY - 9324mg quantity crude equivalent in just ½ tsp of organic extract powder with verified beta-d-glucans (> 35%), and polysaccharide peptide “PSP” (>5%)
  • PLANET POSITIVE REFILL SYSTEM - Comes in an infinitely reusable 60g glass jar (60 - ½ tsp servings) with metal lid - order a 100% home compostable 60g refill pouch when you’re ready for more. Refill. Reuse. Reduce. Repeat. Zero plastic and ZERO WASTE!

The 3 Mushroom Blend of Mushroom Extracts is a powerful combination of three medicinal mushroom extract powders that can be added to just about anything for a high potency superfood upgrade you’ll actually feel! Our 60g jar or pouch will provide 60 servings.

Each ½ tsp (1000mg) delivers a quantity crude equivalent of 9324mg of medicinal mushrooms for a full therapeutic dose with many synergistic benefits. These mushrooms are just better together! Put your nerd glasses on, here’s the math:

In ½ tsp (1000mg) you benefit from:

  • 333.33mg of 12:1 Turkey Tail (333.33 x 12 = 4000mg Quantity Crude Equivalent)
  • 333.33mg of 8:1 Cordyceps (333.33 x 8 = 2666.6mg Quantity Crude Equivalent)
  • 333.33mg of 8:1 Lion’s Mane (333.33 x 8 = 2666.6mg Quantity Crude Equivalent)

The magical combination of beneficial compounds working together (like an entourage effect) from these medicinal mushrooms supports mental agility + gut health + inflammation + natural energy without the crash, for the ultimate superfood addition to any recipe.

The combination of these three medicinal mushrooms gives 3 Mushroom Blend an effectiveness you can feel and benefits you’ll love by providing the energy you need for a brighter and more productive day. This powerful blend is ideal for athletes, weekend warriors, boss babes, and visionaries with active lifestyles.

See our "Studies + Research + References" page for more information about the beneficial effects of Turkey Tail, Lion's Mane, and Cordyceps Mushroom Extracts.

Medicinal Ingredients: 3 Mushroom Blend - Organic 3 Mushroom Extract Blend

Ingredients per ½ tsp (1000mg):

*Turkey Tail Mushroom (12:1 Extract) 333mg (Trametes versicolor, fruiting body)

*Cordyceps Militaris Mushroom (8:1 Extract) 333mg (Cordyceps militaris, fruiting body)

*Lion’s Mane Mushroom (8:1 Dual Extract) 333mg (Hericium erinaceus, fruiting body)

Quantity Crude Equivalent in ½ tsp………9324mg

Beta-D-glucans: 35%
Polysaccharide Peptide: (PSP): 5%

*USDA Organic Certified

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