Baby Bum Cream

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This is a gift!

Two Sister's all-natural cream aids in treating, as well as preventing, diaper rash and any other skin irritations that can occur on baby’s delicate skin. Our proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients leaves your baby's bum smooth and moisturized.  

The shea butter base not only soothes the skin but also adds vitamins A and E to help protect baby’s skin from drying out.  Additionally, Zinc Oxide helps provide a protective coating to protect skin from drying out.  Enhanced with lavender, it provides antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties for minor skin irritations.

Simply rub on area needing a little extra love.

  • 150ml 
  • Ingredients: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Zinc Oxide, Arrowroot Powder, Tea Tree, Lavender

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Shannon Maclean
Life Changer!

We absolutely LOVE this Baby Bum Cream. It clears up rashes quickly, and works great for other problem areas as well (dry skin spots!).

I swear by this stuff!

Nellie Cross
Cream and bombs

The cream is soft and smells incredible , the tubby balms are sweet shaped hearts but arrived a little bit crumbely

Brenda Paul
Wonderful Products and Service

Custom ordered a gift for a baby shower with an assortment of baby related products. Ordered for delivery. Items were shipped and delivered to Whitby within 3 days of order. Mom-to-be loved the gift and is excited to put the items as soon as the little one arrives. Thank you Kind Matter Company!!!!

Katherine Gardiner
New fave

At first I wasn’t sure about this cream, I didn’t think it had enough zinc (unsure of percent, certainly <20%). However, It’s perfect for everyday use. It doesn’t get stuck to the bum, like some other products.

My only complaint is that the contents were not combined so I had to mix with my finger. Also the tin container needs to be kept clean, you cannot get cream in the lid or else it will compromise the integrity of the tin.

Overall great product, smells great!
It’s hard to make the switch! We are used to the products we use and it’s tough to break the habit. I’m happy with my new baby bum habit.