All Natural Wool Dryer Balls

  • $20.00
This is a gift!

Dryer Balls provide a safe and sustainable alternative to conventional dryer sheets making them a great way to reduce toxins in your home. They reduce your drying time by up to 30% and help decrease wrinkles in your clothing saving you money and time...who doesn't love that?!

For those who prefer their clothing and linens to have a scent, a few drops of pure essential oils can be added before tossing them in to your dryer.

Set of 3 dryer balls (add all 3 to your dryer each time for best results)

Handmade in Milton ON

Customer Reviews

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Still staticky

Very loud in dryer, feel like it works on heavy materials, but not towels or kids clothing was still very staticky

Romona Cummins
Solid choice

I love these balls! They have held their shape and the oils smell great on them as well. They have been used 6x and I would definitely recommend these.

Game changer!

A few drops of essential oils on these dryer balls, and my laundry dries faster AND smells fabulous.

Susan Rasmussen
Wool Dryer Balls

I’ve had other dryer balls in the past, these ones have not lived up to their dryer ability. They’ve almost fallen apart and I haven’t had them for very long.

Jennifer Lyall
Love these Dryer Balls!

I got these a few weeks ago and they have reduced the drying time by 10 minutes :). I love that I can get laundry done faster :). And that there are no chemicals in the environment.

I love them so much I have given a set to my Mom and my father-in-law for Christmas :)