Stainless Steel Containers - 3pc Round Snack Set

  • $35.00
This is a gift!

This set of 3 snack containers is likely to be your new favourite! Simple downward pressure on the lid to close and a twist and lift motion to open makes it a breeze to use, even for little hands. Did we mention that they nest neatly with their lids so you'll have a beautifully organized drawers too. You're welcome! 


Small- 7.5 cm (Diameter)  x 4.5 cm (H)

Medium- 8.5 cm (Diameter) x 5 cm (H)

Large- 9.5 cm (Diameter) x 5.5 cm (H)

*Please note that these containers are leak-proof, but not liquid-proof. They hold juicy contents like watermelon or pineapple but are not designed to hold soup